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A Message from Sam Rauch, Head of NOAA Fisheries

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January/February 2012

Hello and welcome to the NOAA Fisheries Service homepage. As a federal agency under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration we have many important responsibilities. Our agency is dedicated to the stewardship of living marine resources through science-based conservation and management and the promotion of healthy ecosystems. We conserve, protect, and manage living marine resources and ensure recreational and economic opportunities through sustainable use of those resources.

Our dedicated scientists use cutting-edge research and high-tech instrumentation to promote sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, protect our marine mammals, conserve and restore habitats, ensure our seafood is safe, and inform important management decisions. The work of NOAA Fisheries supports economic vitality in addition to environmental stewardship. U.S. commercial fisheries and aquaculture together with recreational fisheries support almost 2 million jobs and generate more than $163 billion in sales each year. We understand the strong connection between what we do at NOAA to understand, rebuild and sustain fisheries and marine ecosystems and the resulting economic opportunities for the seafood industry, recreational fishing businesses and coastal communities.

With the help of the six regional offices and science centers and small labs throughout the country, NOAA Fisheries works on many levels – with academic institutions, with communities and non-profit organizations, with states and tribes, and with other federal agencies. Through sound science, effective policy, and tireless field work, we are developing and applying smart solutions to sustain our diverse marine resources.

The NOAA Fisheries Service touches the lives of every American and we are proud of our role in conserving and protecting natural resources and ensuring valuable, healthy fisheries. I hope you will explore NOAA Fisheries Service and how our products and services can enrich your own life. 

Samuel D. Rauch III
Acting Assistant Administrator for Fisheries