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Join us in celebrating National Fishing and Boating Week

A Message from Russ Dunn,  National Policy Advisor for Recreational Fisheries
June 3, 2016

In the rush of our everyday lives we often focus intently on what we’re doing (or need to do), but we rarely stop to remember why we do it. This week we pause to celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week and join with 11 million Americans who think wetting a line in saltwater is a great way to spend time.

NOAA Fisheries, like any organization, is a diverse collection of individuals who perform many different jobs.  Ask us what we do and you’ll hear a lot of different answers; I’m a biologist, an administrative assistant, a manager, or a communications specialist.

But ask us why we do what we do and you’ll hear a common theme emerge. That’s because many of us share a passion for fish and fishing. It’s the reason many of us came to NOAA Fisheries. It’s also what motivates us to find innovative ways to accomplish our dual mission of achieving sustainable fisheries and recovering protected species.

My “why” is simple. Recreational fishing allows me to bring together my passions: my family, fishing, and my work at NOAA.  On the water with my kids, they learn firsthand about the outdoors, conservation, and the satisfaction of catching their own dinner. At the office, I know my work helps ensure access to sustainable saltwater fisheries for families just like mine from Maine to American Samoa.

I do this job because I want my kids, your kids, and their kids to experience the same joys that fishing has brought me.  Others have their own unique story. I’d like to introduce you to a few of those 11 million anglers who work for NOAA Fisheries. You may find it interesting to hear why these dedicated people do what they do.

Please join me and the many NOAA employees who will be out on the water in celebration of National Fishing and Boating Week.


Russ Dunn
National Policy Advisor for Recreational Fisheries

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