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The mission of the Office of Aquaculture is to foster marine aquaculture that creates employment and business opportunities in coastal communities; provides safe, sustainable seafood; and supports healthy ocean populations and ecosystems.

Aquaculture is one of a range of technologies needed to meet increasing global demand for seafood, support commercial and recreational fisheries, and restore species and marine habitat.

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Welcome to the Office of Aquaculture

  • Aquaculture Photo Contest Winners

    Check out the winners of the first Aquaculture Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who participated! Read More . . .

  • Help from Kelp

    NOAA and partners are studying the potential for seaweed farms to help us fight ocean acidfiication. Read More . . .

  • NOAA Aquaculture Research Map

    Check out our new interactive map depicting a comprehensive selection of aquaculture research projects carried out by NOAA scientists around the country. Read More . . .

  • Video: Chesapeake Oyster Farming

    Watch our new video and meet Johnny Shockley, a Chesapeake Oyster farmer. Read More . . .

  • Draft Marine Aquaculture Strategic Plan

    The Office of Aquaculture seeks public input on the Draft Strategic Plan for Marine Aquaculture. Read More . . .

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