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The mission of the Office of Aquaculture is to foster marine aquaculture that creates employment and business opportunities in coastal communities; provides safe, sustainable seafood; and supports healthy ocean populations and ecosystems.

Aquaculture is one of a range of technologies needed to meet increasing global demand for seafood, support commercial and recreational fisheries, and restore species and marine habitat.

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Welcome to the Office of Aquaculture

  • Seaweed in the Spotlight

    A new collaborative project with Puget Sound Restoration Fund, NOAA and partners will investigate seaweed farming as a method to mitigate ocean acidification. Read More . . .

  • Growing Arctic Cod

    Scientists at NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center are successfully spawning and rearing Arctic Cod in captivity. Read More . . .

  • NOAA & Canada Partner on Aquaculture

    NOAA is announcing a new partnership with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans on regulation of marine aquaculture. Read More . . .

  • Aquaculture SK Grants Recommended

    NOAA is recommending $4.8 million for 16 aquaculture projects under the Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program. Read More . . .

  • NOAA Aquaculture Photo Contest

    Announcing the NOAA Aquaculture Photo Contest! Have photos or short videos of aquaculture? Check out the contest and submit your work! Read More . . .

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