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New Guide Released for Shellfish Growers

Today the Interagency Working Group on Aquaculture (IWG-A) released a new guide, Information for Shellfish Growers, to help navigate the shellfish aquaculture permit process in the United States. The guide is designed to help shellfish farmers understand the main types of leases, permits, or other forms of authorization needed for a commercial shellfish farm. The guide also includes links to additional sources of information and contacts who can help growers identify the specific requirements for their respective state or region. You can access the angel here.

The National Shellfish Initiative, established by NOAA in 2011, and the National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan call for bolstering shellfish populations in our nation’s waters through commercial aquaculture production and restoration activities. Priorities include improving coordination among federal, state and local agencies and clarifying the permitting process for shellfish growers. This guide was developed by the IWG-A Regulatory Task Force in response to the needs of the shellfish industry and to address these priorities.

IWG-A’s Regulatory Task Force is chaired by Sam Rauch, NOAA Fisheries Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, and includes representatives from  USDA, Army Corps, EPA, and FWS. The Task Force is developing additional products in support of efficient, coordinated permitting processes that save time and money and encourage economic growth without compromising health, safety, and the environment.  For further information, contact Susan Bunsick, NOAA Fisheries Office of Aquaculture at 301-427-8334 or

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