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There are lots of questions about aquaculture!  NOAA has a long and rich tradition in aquaculture and has been working on aquaculture-related issues since it's predecessor agency, the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, engaged in experimental oyster farming five decades ago.

In the United States, aquaculture technologies and management practices have continued to evolve through lessons-learned as well as through significant public and private research focused on bringing greater efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to the source of half of the seafood eaten on the planet.  Aquaculture research also emphasizes habitat-related work for stock enhancement and restoration.

The Office of Aquaculture has developed a series of FAQs to answer questions, highlight NOAA activities, and dispel common myths about aquaculture.  The questions are divided into the categories below: 

We also are developing a list of scientific references and 'further reading' material for those that would like to explore more.  If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact us.