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Happy National Oyster Day 2015!

August 5, 2015

Want to know more about oysters? Looking to dig into oyster research? Just enjoy eating them?

Celebrate National Oyster Day by exploring more about these mouth-watering mollusks. Check out some oyster facts, read up on the globally recognized research NOAA does with oysters and shellfish, or grab a few new recipes! Join us in taking a day to appreciate the environmentally beneficial bivalves.

An Olympia oyster

A new hatchery at the Manchester Lab is growing microalgae for oyster larvae

Probiotics aren't just for humans! NOAA's Milford lab is developing probiotics for oysters

Oyster Facts

Oysters in the U.S.

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NOAA Research on Oysters & Shellfish

The National Shellfish Initiative calls for bolstering shellfish populations along our nation's coasts. Read more about what we've accomplished so far, or check out what individual states like Washington, California, Connecticut and the Gulf States are doing about it.

NOAA’s Milford Lab in the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Milford, CT is a global leader in shellfish research. Check out their web site to read more about their research, including

NOAA’s Manchester Lab in the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Manchester, WA was a partner in the opening of a new shellfish hatchery last year. The Kenneth K. Chew Center for Shellfish Research & Restoration is an epicenter of native oyster research, looking at issues such as

The National Ocean Service’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) are also involved in shellfish and oyster research. The Beaufort Lab’s Coastal Aquaculture Planning and Environmental Sustainability Program assesses aquaculture environmental interactions, including the interaction of shellfish aquaculture and seagrass. Additionally, Dr. Suzanne Bricker in NCCOS’s Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment researches aquaculture as a potential means for mitigating nutrient impacts. Focuses include

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Read more about U.S. farmed oysters as seafood, get nutrition facts and recipes at!