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NOAA Aquaculture Research Interactive Map

Did you know that NOAA conducts aquaculture research all across the country?

At NOAA’s science centers and laboratories around the nation, NOAA researchers are studying all aspects of marine aquaculture from engineering new technologies to exploring basic biology to modeling environmental impacts. Check out our new interactive map which features a comprehensive list of aquaculture research projects carried out by NOAA scientists over the last several years. What’s going on in your neighborhood?

Move around the map and zoom in to explore different regions of the country, or use the “Zoom to a Region” function to find a specific area. Move through the tabs to look at projects in a certain category. Click on a project to learn more about it and open the Details panel to find a summary. You can even try it out on your mobile phone!

In the future we’ll be continually adding projects and links with more detailed reports. Check back soon!