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NOAA Aquaculture Photo Contest

August 4, 2015

NOAA's Aquaculture photo contest recognizes photographers and videographers who have captured images and short videos of aquaculture and the people, science and technology behind it.

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Submission Formats

The contest is open to the public, including professional photographers as well as NOAA and other government employees - contractors, fellows, and interns.

The submission deadline is September 13, 2015. Winners will be announced and showcased over Aquaculture Week, September 21-25, 2015.

In registering for this photo contest, you have accepted the following submission requirements and understand that NOAA  has the right to use all submitted photos in any future media, online, and print materials.



                1) a caption explaining what is happening in the photo (please spell out acronyms);

                2) date (month and year) and location (city and state or city and country for International) where the image was taken;

                3) identify people in the photograph by full name, if possible; and

                4) if the submission is a video with speaking, a script must be included.

Entries not meeting the above requirements will be disqualified.





Aquaculture in Action

Aquaculture is only made possible because of the hard-working farmers, watermen and scientists behind it. This category is for images or videos of people working in aquaculture – whether it be on the farm, on a boat, in the field, or in the lab. We want to see the people that put aquaculture in action! Remember, persons pictured should be identified if possible upon submission and must have given consent.

Farming, Science & Technology

From the science in the lab to hatcheries and grow-out, there are a lot of moving pieces that come together for successful aquaculture operations. This category is for images and videos of the animals, plants, seafood, farms, hatcheries technology, science, etc. that make up aquaculture. Examples include laboratory images, farming infrastructure, farming landscapes, fish, shellfish, seaweed, farmed seafood, etc.

Aquaculture & the Environment

Aquaculture can provide safe, sustainable seafood while having minimal or even positive environmental impacts. Submissions to this category focus on the environmentally sustainable aspects of aquaculture. Examples could include the creation of habitat by gear or the improvement of water quality by shellfish.


Photos entered in this category depict aquaculture outside of the United States, and can fit any of the aforementioned categories.



Results will be announced over Aquaculture Week, September 21-25, 2015. A selection winning images and video shorts will be showcased online.

A panel of judges will select the winning entries. All winning photographs will be published prominently on the NOAA Fisheries website and NOAA Preserve America Initiative websites.

Additional NOAA websites may also consider publishing these images. There are NO monetary awards for this contest.

This contest is being sponsored by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service and the NOAA Preserve America Initiative.

For more information, please email