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Request for Applications - FY'13 Competitive S-K Grants

NOAA has recently published a Federal Funding Opportunity requesting applications under the FY'13 Saltonstall-Kennedy Program.  NOAA anticipates awarding between $5-$10 million in competitive grants focused on fisheries research and development projects, including innovative cooperative research projects with industry.  The Request for Applications will be open for 60 days from the date of posting.  All projects will be selected through a competitive review process.  For details go to and enter into the search box the following FFO #: NOAA-NMFS-FHQ-2013-2003834.

Since 1990, the Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program has included aquaculture as a priority to fund projects that encourage environmentally and economically sound aquaculture development as well as relieve fishing pressure and improve market availability. Clicking on the following project titles will take you to detailed information about aquaculture project results: