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Guidance for Aquaculture in Federal Waters


The purpose of the policy appendix is to establish a set of goals to guide NOAA’s regulatory and programmatic actions with respect to aquaculture production in federal waters of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and to provide a list of implementing actions that NOAA will take to achieve each goal. To view the full policy and appendix, click here.

Scroll through to view the goals outlined in the appendix.


Goals for Aquaculture in Federal Waters


Ecosystem compatibility – Aquaculture development in federal waters is compatible with the functioning of healthy, productive, and resilient marine ecosystems.


Compatibility with other uses – Aquaculture facilities in federal waters are sited and operated in a manner that is compatible with other authorized uses of the marine environment.


Best available science and information – Management decisions for aquaculture in federal waters are based upon the best available science and information.


Social and economic benefits – Investments in sustainable aquaculture in federal waters provide a net benefit to the Nation’s economy, coastal communities, and seafood consumers while considering regional and state goals and objectives.


Industry Accountability – To secure long-term access to operate aquaculture facilities in federal waters, operators are held accountable for protecting the environment, wild species, and human safety and for conducting and reporting ongoing monitoring.


Approval process – Management decisions for aquaculture operations in federal waters are made in an efficient and transparent manner that produces timely, unbiased, and scientifically based decisions.


Public information – The public has an accurate understanding of sustainable aquaculture development in federal waters and the associated environmental, social, and economic challenges and benefits; monitoring information is readily available to the public.