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40th Scientific Symposium
Hatchery Technology for High Quality Juvenile Production

October 22 - 23, 2012
Honolulu, HI


Members of the Japanese and U.S. delegations meet at the 
University of New Hampshire in Durham in 2006.










































































































Registration Information 


This Symposium will include presentations covering the most recent advances in 'Hatchery Technology for High Quality Juvenile Production' achieved by researchers in the United States and Japan.

Symposium ONLY registration covers symposium materials, catered lunch for the second day, and reception the first night.

Symposium + Field Trips registration includes the above plus meals on Wednesday and Thursday, and ground transport to the tour sites. All participants will have to arrange their own flight from Honolulu to Kona on the afternoon of October 24 (

Registration for U.S. residents must be paid by credit card on the web site in advance OR on-site using cash or a credit card at the beginning of the program (at the higher late registration rate). If paying on-site, please contact April Bagwill ( by close of business on Monday, October 1, 2012 to provide contact information and to reserve your space at the symposium, field trips, and other activities. Participants can pre-pay by using the registration form linked above.

U.S. delegates and participants are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements, while hotel reservations for international participants will be made by us unless specifically requested otherwise.

The Ala Moana Hotel is the official meeting hotel on Oahu and reservations will be needed for October 22-23.  Mention the UJNR Aquaculture Panel when making reservations to receive the meeting rate. Vans will be provided to transport participants from the Ala Moana Hotel to the UJNR Science Symposium events held at the East West Center and to area field trips. Additional details are listed in the meeting schedule linked below.

Those who will also go on the field trip should make reservations at the Keauhou Beach Resort in Kona for October 24-25. Please mention the UJNR Aquaculture Panel when making reservations to receive the meeting rate.



Monday October 22

Tuesday October 23

Wednesday October 24

Thursday October 25





UJNR Business Meeting

Session II: Larval Culture Systems and Management

Tour Oceanic Institute

Visit Kaloko Honokohau fishpond






Session III: Larval Health Management

Depart for Kailua Kona

Tour Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii

Session I: Broodstock Selection, Nutrition, Spawning

Session IV: Larval Nutrition


Opening Reception

Closing Remarks


Closing ceremony


Abstracts and a 3-5 paper annotated bibliography are due September 1, 2012

Submit Abstracts and annotated bibliographies to April Bagwill at


Abstracts should be no more than 500 words.

An annotated bibliography with 3-5 key papers on the topic of your symposium presentation along with your abstract is required prior to the meeting. These annotated bibliographies replace the literature exchange previously done by UJNR. The goal is to focus the exchange of literature citations on the Science Symposium topic and to allow for experts in the field to highlight key papers from each country to assist their counterparts explore in more detail references specific to individual presentation topics. This will be especially helpful to the U.S. members as much of the literature published in Japanese is difficult for U.S. researchers to access or understand. A combined annotated bibliography of key papers on the Symposium topic comprised of contributions by all presenting scientists will be published with the proceedings.

The annotations for the 3-5 bibliographic references that the author considers key works in the field should provide a brief description of the work, the results and the reasons why the author considers it a key work. Key works should relate to the topic of your presentation and could be your own work or that of other scientists. When possible, Key works should be from your own country. An example is given below to aid in formatting. Reprints or links to key papers would be appreciated, but are not absolutely necessary.

Example of annotated Key Reference

Mozaffarian, D. and E. Rimm.  2006.  Fish intake, contaminants, and human health: Evaluating the risks and benefits.  JAMA, Vol 296:15.  Pp 1885-1899.

The authors for the first time present a comprehensive human health model based on concentrations of mercury, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and long chain n-3 fatty acids for fish and project the impact of increased seafood consumption in the United States on the population’s health. This model accounts for the increased risks associated with consumption of contaminated seafood along with the benefits from increased consumption of long chain n-3 fatty acids. Overall the authors predict that increasing the per capita consumption of seafood in the United States from 16 to 26 lbs/person (1-2 servings per week of species high in n-3 fatty acids) would result in a decrease in coronary death by 36% and an overall decrease in total mortality of 17%. Further the authors provide the amounts to consume of various species and the cost to provide the benefits associated with seafood consumption. Implications for target nutrient and contaminate levels in aquacultured fish can be derived from the information presented in this paper.

All material is to be provided in a standardized computer format (Microsoft Word), Times New Roman font and 12 pt font size, and one inch margins. The unedited abstracts and annotated bibliography will be available at the symposium. Please email the abstract and annotated bibliography to April Bagwill ( by September 1, 2012.

Travel Awards for U.S. Participants

UNJR Travel Assistance 

If you are interested in receiving travel assistance for the 40th UJNR symposia, the following must be completed and submitted to April Bagwill ( by September 1, 2012.

To apply for travel assistance please submit a presentation title and abstract and answer the following questions:

    1. Are you looking for an active collaboration with a Japanese scientist?  If so, what area(s) are you interested in collaborating?
    2. Do you foresee yourself continuing this collaboration for an extended period of time and participating in UJNR in the future?
    3. Have you presented at a UJNR either in Japan or the US before?  If so, what year and where?
    4. Do you agree to submit the items outlined below on time?

We will be making travel awards based on three criteria:

  1. How well your presentation topic relates to the symposia topic and matches with a Japanese presentation
  2. Desire to develop collaborative projects with the Japanese
  3. Past history with UJNR

What we need from you by September 1, 2012:

1.  Presentation abstract (500 word limit)

2.  Annotated bibliography that contains 3-5 references

What we need from you by April 2013:

1. 4-8 page paper that covers the information you presented.  Details are in a guide to
authors that will be supplied.

If you have any questions, contact April Bagwill (


Official Conference Hotel on Oahu

Ala Moana Hotel – Honolulu  (October 22-23)
410 Atkinson Drive 
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Ph:  808-955-4811
Fax:  808-944-6839

Official Hotel on Hawai’i

Keauhou Beach Resort – Kona  (October 24-25)
78-6740 Alii Drive 
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
Ph:  1-866-326-6803 or 808-322-3441
Fax:  808-322-3117

Field Trips

Wednesday October 24th we will tour the Oceanic Institute in the morning. On the way to the Institute we will stop by at Makapu’u Overlook. After the tour we will make a quick stop at the Nu’uanu Pali overlook in the Ko’olau Mountains on the way to the airport to catch a flight to Kailua Kona, ending up at the Keahou Beach Hotel

Thursday October 25th we will be touring the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) , the Keahole Point Offshore Fish Farm and Kaloko Honokohau Hawaiian Fishpond.


Abstracts, Travel, and Symposium-Related Questions:

April Bagwill

General UJNR Questions:

Mike Rust


Melanie Russ