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NOAA's Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards
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Press Release - Award Winners for 2007 Announced

Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher (Ret.), Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, and Dr. William T. Hogarth Assitant Administrator for Fisheries, presented the second annual Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards to the following award recipients on June 7, 2007, in Washington, D.C. - Group Photo

This awards ceremony was made possible by the Fish for the Future Foundation This link is an external site. and the generous support of its sponsors.

Guest speaker at the awards ceremony was Chris Fischer, Founder and CEO of Fischer Productions, Inc., and host of ESPN's "Offshore Adventures", Chris' remarks highlighted the need for international stewardship of ocean resources.

Chris Fischer, host of ESPN's "Offshore Adventures"


Stewardship & Sustainability Award

Don Kent, President of Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute is recognized for furthering our understanding of and helping the fishing industry to minimize impacts of fishing operations on killer whales, and for his pioneering research projects with finfish aquaculture and stock enhancement off California. As president of Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute since 1996, Don has shown a unique ability to bring together diverse interests to help stem depletion of coastal marine fisheries through development of finfish hatchery technology that is advancing aquaculture science.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher, and Dr. Hogarth with Don Kent, President of HSWRI

Conservation Partnership Award

The Coastal Conservation Association of Texas Bay Debris Cleanup Program is recognized for promoting volunteerism through its monumental cleanup of the southern Texas coast. The program brought together a broad group of citizens, industry, and local, state and federal governments to clear tons of large debris from the bay and beaches of coastal Texas. The organization's efforts to restore the Texas coastal marine environment will benefit local citizens and marine wildlife for years to come, and has provided a model of success for similar coastal cleanup projects throughout the United States.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with members of the CCA Texas Bay Debris Cleanup Program

Science, Research & Technology Award

The World Wildlife Fund Smart Gear Competition is recognized for inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship dedicated to reducing bycatch in the world's fisheries. Now in its third year, the international competition has spurred invention and fostered a marine stewardship ethic toward the oceans. Entries have been submitted by fishermen, gear developers, chemists, engineers, and inventors resulting in over 130 proposals from more than 25 countries. The organization is transferring these ideas into on-the-water conservation practices by developing outreach materials and educating fishermen on how to implement the techniques developed through the competition.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with Ginette Hemley, Kim Davis, and Mike Osmond of World Wildlife Fund

Coastal Habitat Restoration Award

Amigos de Bolsa Chica is recognized for acquiring, restoring and preserving 1,200 acres of wetlands off the California Coast . Spanning over 30 years, four governors, and surviving enormous economic pressures for coastal development, the coastal wetlands of Bolsa Chica were fully restored in 2006 when an inlet into the wetlands was re-opened, allowing ocean water to enter the wetlands for the first time in over 90 years. This ecological achievement is testament to the Amigos' tenacious commitment to educating citizens, government, scientists and others about the importance of this marine habitat to sustaining California 's fishery and wildlife populations.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with members of Amigos de Bolsa Chica

Public Education, Community Service & Media Award

The John G. Shedd Aquarium is recognized for helping to build consumer awareness about sustainable seafood, integrating best stewardship practices throughout its corporate operations, and educating the public about our Great Lakes fisheries. The aquarium promotes sustainable seafood by serving sustainable choices in its restaurant, and by supporting eco-friendly aquaculture operations to provide feed for the aquarium's inhabitants. The partnerships with colleges, restaurants, chefs, seafood purchasing agents, and wholesale seafood companies, Shedd Aquarium serves as a leader in ocean literacy and sound fishery stewardship practices.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with Rachel Bergren, and Michelle Jost of the John G Shedd Aquarium

Special Recognition

Don Hansen is recognized for improving the management programs for West Coast marine fisheries. Now in his third term as a Pacific Council member, Don Hansen is a life-long participant in marine fisheries off the coast of California . The owner of Dana Wharf Sportfishing since 1971, and serving as a member of many state and national fishery boards, Don is hailed by colleagues as a conciliator who has fostered open dialogue and understanding between scientists, managers, and fishing communities. Under his chairmanship the Pacific Fishery Management council has integrated an innovative approach in managing fish stocks, developed a large marine protected area off the entire Pacific coast to protect rockfish, and closed 200,000 square miles to bottom trawling to protect essential groundfish habitats.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with Don Hansen
Dr. Brian J. Rothschild, Montgomery Charter Professor of Marine Science, University of Massachusetts, is recognized for his outstanding and long-sustained contributions to marine science, education, and management of marine fisheries. One of the most cited fishery scientists in the world, Dr. Rothschild's research and contributions are considered seminal and have been a leading influence in the science-based management of fisheries. With an expansive career, including service as the Director of three NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, and a faculty member and dean at some of the nation's most prestigious marine science institutions, Dr. Rothschild has inspired generations of marine scientists. After half a century of an unparalleled career, Dr. Rothschild is turning his attentions to developing the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute to conduct research on the Northwest Atlantic Ocean ecosystem.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with Dr. Brian Rothschild

Posthumous Recognition

Nelson "Hammer" Beideman, April 1953 May 2006 

Nominated for several categories by a broad spectrum of constituents, Nelson is honored posthumously this evening for his lifetime contributions and tireless efforts to raise awareness for management and enforcement of international fisheries, and for preserving the economic viability of the Atlantic pelagic longline fleet through sustainable fishing practices. A sword boat captain, and co-founder and Executive Director of Blue Water Fishermen's Association, Nelson helped initiate some of the most effective collaborative research projects between commercial fishermen, NOAA scientists and conservation organizations. He was an active fisheries management partner who was instrumental in efforts to reduce domestic and international bycatch of sea turtles, and develop domestic and international management programs that led to the rebuilding of north Atlantic swordfish. The legacy of his contributions to focus attention on international fisheries will be seen in the years ahead. Nelson's energy, high spirit, and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

Vice Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. Hogarth with Nelson's wife Terri and eldest son Benjamin Beideman.



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