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NOAA's Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards
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Festivities get under way. MAFAC member DiLernia of Rocket Charters, Jimmy Ruhle of Mid-Atlantic FMC, Vince O'Shea of ASMFC, and Bob Shea of FEMA. Chris Scheve with the Department of Commerce, and Carrie Selberg of NOAA Fisheries Service.
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Leslie Dokken and Gulf of Mexico Foundation coordinator Kendal Keyes. SeaShare's Tuck Donnelly & Jim Harmon with MAFAC member Jim Gilmore of AtSea Processors Assoc. Dale Jones of NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement, NOAA Corp's RADM Rich Behn and Alisa Behn
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NOAA's Mary Glackin and Scott Rayder Pollock Conservation Cooperative’s Director, Kevin Duffy and his wife Nancy Duffy Roger Rufe of Ocean Conservancy, Kitty Simonds of the Western Pacific FMC, with Jimmie Cooke and Dick Gutting
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Senator Stevens of Alaska with Vince O’Shea of ASMFC Senator Stevens, Dr. Hogarth and VADM Lautenbacher share a laugh VADM Lautenbacher (center) with member of the Western Pacific FMC
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Video presentation of the award winners and their contributions as leaders in stewardship. Senator Stevens of Alaska receives the Special Recognition Award Senator Stevens addresses the room on the importance of reauthorizing fisheries management legislation
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VADM Lautenbacher discusses his vision and purpose for the Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards Dr. Hogarth and VADM Lautenbacher begin award presentations. On behalf of the Pollock Conservation Cooperative, Kevin Duffy accepts the Stewardship & Sustainability Award for the Cooperative’s innovative management and conservation strategies.
On behalf of Holland America Line, Captain Christian Volkle accepts the Conservation Partnership Award for HAL’s development of an industry whale strike avoidance program. Capt. Christian shares a joke with the audience. Ed Melvin receives the Science, Research & Technology Award for his successful bycatch reduction work in Alaska.
On behalf of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, Quenton Dokken and Kendal Keyes accept the Coastal Habitat Restoration Award for the tremendous number of successful restoration projects the Foundation has coordinated throughout the Gulf states. Quenton Dokken thanks NOAA for the recognition of the Foundation’s work. On behalf of SeaShare, Tuck Donnelly and Jim Harmon accept the Public Education, Community Service, & Media Award for SeaShare’s innovative contribution to hunger relief, and reinforcing a stewardship ethic within the commercial fishing industry and communities.
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Tuck Donnelly reminds the audience that not only was it National Fishing and Boating week, but Hunger Awareness Day as well.. Good night  
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