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NOAA's Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards
About The Award
Award Categories, Criteria & Nomination Process
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Award Categories, Criteria & Nomination Process

Award Categories

Special Recognition Award
- This award honors an individual who has demonstrated a life time achievement in innovative management and outstanding leadership for the stewardship and sustainable use of living marine resources.

Stewardship and Sustainability Award - This award recognizes excellence in promoting responsible stewardship and innovative management for long-term social, economic and biological sustainability of living marine resources.

Conservation Partnership Award - This award recognizes outstanding achievement in cooperative and collaborative work among stakeholder groups to foster best practices in sustainable living marine resources management.

Science, Research and Technology Award - This award recognizes excellence in the field of applied fisheries research. Nominations will be considered for advancements in technology to improve fisheries monitoring, reduce bycatch, protect habitat, conserve protected species, enhance efficiency of fishing operations as well as other technological advances that reduce the impacts of human activity on the marine environment.

Coastal Habitat Restoration Award - This award recognizes significant achievements made in coastal habitat restoration, including the development of innovative approaches and community based support necessary to accomplish the ambitious goals inherent with these projects.

Public Education, Community Service & Media Award - This award category focuses on efforts to inform the general public about marine fisheries and living marine resources in the United States, or efforts to support the nation's fishing communities through community service.


Nominations received for each category are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Leadership the individual or overall team effort that has been demonstrated over a sustained period of time in support of the stewardship and sustained use of living marine resources.
  • Impact on Stewardship the degree of stewardship and conservation ethics and practices fostered within the larger community of living marine fisheries stakeholders and users.
  • Ecological Significance the impact and benefit to the overall health and abundance provided to living marine resources.
  • Long-term Significance the impact to the science, management and economic sustainability of living marine resources.

Nomination Process

Nomination Form
Save the nomination form as a file and fill in with requested information.  Name the resulting document with the name of the nominee in the file name and e-mail to the address indicated on the form.

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