Conservation Engineering Presentations

What's New? (Updated: 8/18/11 )

Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP) Meeting
Adobe .pdf An Evaluation of Codend Mesh Selectivity in the Loligo pealai Squid-Directed Fishery:  A Commercial-Scale Test (5/1/08)
Adobe .pdf A Method for Improved Utilization of Data from Experiments with Fishing Gear (5/1/08)
Adobe .pdf Observations of Fish Behavior in the Vicinity of a Selective Flatfish Trawl Footrope using DIDSON Imaging Sonar(4/1/08)
Adobe .pdf Integrated Weight Longlines with Paired Streamer Lines:  Best Management Practice for Seabird Bycatch in Demersal Longline Fisheries(4/1/08)
Adobe .pdf Improving Species-Selectivity of Longlining with Fabricated Baits (4/1/08)