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2014 Report Update

U.S. National Bycatch Report

The National Bycatch Report provides national compilations of bycatch estimates for living marine resources of the United States at the fishery and species level. For questions on the report, or to request hard copies when they become available, please contact

 U.S National Bycatch Report - First Edition (2011) Updated: 4/12/12  
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U.S. National Bycatch Report 2011
 Adobe .pdf 2011 Bycatch Report 21Mb
Front Matter
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Bycatch Data Sources
3. Bycatch Report Methods
4. Regional Fisheries Characteristics
     4.1 Northeast Region
     4.2 Southeast Region
     4.3 Alaska Region
     4.4 Northwest Region
     4.5 Southwest Region
     4.6 Pacific Islands Region
 5. National Overview
 6. References


National Bycatch Report:  Regional Factsheets
National Northeast Southeast Southwest Pacific Islands Northwest Alaska
National Northeast Southeast Southwest Pacific Islands Northwest Alaska


  Adobe .pdf  Update of Turtle Bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern Atlantic Shrimp Fisheries
  Adobe .pdf  Northeast Region Seabird Estimates for gillnets off the USA Atlantic coast, 1996–2007
  Adobe .pdf  Southwest Region Fish Bycatch Estimates: Drift Gillnet Fishery, 1990-2005
  Adobe .pdf  Fish & Invertebrate Bycatch Estimates for California Set Gillnet Fishery Targeting Halibut & White Seabass 1990-2006