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Photo Fact of the Week:
Did you know sea horses eyes move independently of one another?

See more photos on the NOAA Fisheries Teacher at Sea blog.

NOAA Fisheries' Education Resources are compiled from NOAA experts and partner organizations to provide high quality, science-based materials and activities for students and teachers interested in exploring the science behind marine resource management and conservation. The programs and curricula maintained here cover a diverse set of focus areas including biology, chemistry, geography, oceanography, ecosystem management and restoration, and more. NOAA Fisheries also provides interactive games and lessons for all ages. We encourage you to explore this page for both national and regional offerings.

All materials are intended to help students, teachers, and the public better understand the work that supports our agency’s diverse mission: the effective stewardship of our nation’s marine resources and habitat, through management of sustainable fisheries, recovery of protected marine species, and the enhancement of economic and recreational opportunities for all citizens. For more information, contact Matt Ellis at 301-713-1208 or



Gray Whales: A Celebration of Conservation

This virtual program brings California gray whale conservation into classrooms throughout the United States School Districts. Participants become "virtual team members" and join NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center team of whale biologists as they survey calf production of eastern North Pacific gray whales. Students can interact with team members by asking questions and receiving emails, photos, updates and more!

To learn more about this exciting project, please see the WhaleTimes spring 2015 press release: 
Gray Whales -- A Celebration of Conservation

Visit NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center to learn more about gray whale research.