Fish Facts

Welcome to the NOAA Fisheries Service Issues Map

Click on the links to learn more about NOAA Fisheries Service management actions for important national and regional issues in fisheries, protected resources, and habitat conservation.

Northwest Region
Groundfish Trawl Rationalization
Killer Whales
Salmon Recovery

Southwest Region
Klamath River Basin
Seal and Sea Lion Deterrence
Steelhead & Salmon
Map of the U.S.A. Northeast Region
Multispecies Sectors
Summer Flounder
Northern Right Whales

Southeast Region
Gulf Oil Spill
South Atlantic Red Snapper
Sea Turtles & Longlines
Pacific Islands Region
Monk Seals
NMHI National Monument
Migratory Species/ International Fisheries


Alaska Region
Steller Sea Lions
Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

National Issues