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Protecting Turtle Nests and Hatchlings

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Protecting Turtle Nests and Hatchlings

Picture by: Carolyn Cole/LA Times Picture taken on: April 19th, 2011

Tags: beach nest oil turtle southeast deepwater

A major part of the proactive response effort to protect sea turtles during the spill focused on turtle nests and hatchlings. Scientists from the Fish and Wildlife Service worked with NOAA, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NASA, non-governmental organizations, and private industry to lead a massive relocation of 274 turtle nests from beaches in Alabama and the FL panhandle to the Cape Canaveral area on the east coast of FL. The goal was to prevent young sea turtles from entering the oiled waters of the northern Gulf. The project relocated 265 loggerhead, 5 Kemp’s ridely and 4 green sea turtle nests.

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