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Illegal Fishing Vessels

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Boat Hull in New England Boatyard of Pacific Coast Illegal Fishing Vessel

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Illegal Fishing Vessels

Picture by: Kieran Kelleher Picture taken on: September 6th, 2011

Tags: pirate fishing IUU international

Ships transfering illegal catch off the coast of Sierra Leone. As a tool to combat IUU fishing activities, an increasing number of RFMOs have adopted procedures for listing vessels that have engaged in IUU fishing. These lists have been created to attach certain penalties to vessels included on them, including restriction of port access or unloading prohibitions. Some of these lists, like the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) IUU Vessel List, are intended to include only fishing vessels. Others, like the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) IUU List, can include transport vessels as well. NOAA Fisheries, on behalf of the U.S. Government, issued a rule to implement obligations to apply certain penalties to vessels that are included on the IUU vessel lists of RFMOs to which the United States is a party. U.S. fishing and support industries are prohibited from engaging in commercial transactions with the vessels on the IUU vessel lists

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