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Loggerhead Using a Turtle Excluder Device to Escape

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Loggerhead Using a Turtle Excluder Device to Escape

Picture by: NOAA Fisheries Picture taken on: June 6th, 2008

Tags: loggerhead TED protected sea turtle

NOAA Fisheries and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued a final rule today changing the listing of loggerhead sea turtles under the Endangered Species Act from a single threatened species to nine distinct population segments listed as either threatened or endangered. Scientists believe this will help focus their sea turtle conservation efforts to the specific needs of the distinct populations. NOAA Fisheries and FWS share jurisdiction for loggerhead sea turtles listed under the ESA.This loggerhead (pictured) is escaping a net equipped with turtle excluder device or TED. This photo was taken under a NOAA Fisheries scientific research permit. Admire wildlife from a distance, for your safety and their protection

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