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Islands Off Sitka

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Islands Off Sitka

Picture by: Alaska ShoreZone Program Picture taken on: June 13th, 2007

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Island archipelago near Sitka with canopy kelps in the foreground. People around the world can now get an eagle’s-eye view of all of Southeast Alaska’s shoreline without leaving home, now that the award-winning ShoreZone project has been completed for the entire coastline from Dixon Entrance to Yakutat. NOAA and other members of the ShoreZone Partnership will make a presentation on the recently completed seven-year project January 19 at the 2012 Alaska Marine Science Symposium in Anchorage. About 30,000 kilometers (19,000 miles) of coastal habitat was mapped during the project—a milestone equivalent to surveying the entire Pacific coastline of Washington, Oregon, and California, twice. The habitat mapping effort followed ShoreZone protocols that have been applied throughout British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and the remainder of the Gulf of Alaska. The 30,000 km of Southeast Alaska data has been added to the larger statewide ShoreZone dataset. The project also marks the first time Southeast Alaska’s entire coast has been mapped at the lowest tides of each year.

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