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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an integrating technology that can enable a scientific approach to solving ecosystem-based management questions. Within NMFS, GIS is used for defining and mapping Essential Fish Habitat, commenting on Section 7 consultations, planning and executing living marine resource surveys, habitat restoration, tracking marine mammals and analyzing their foraging and migratory patterns, mapping and analyzing commercial and recreational fishing catch and effort, evaluating the effectiveness of marine protected areas, and responding to natural disasters... to name a few.

This website highlights these uses of GIS in NMFS and provides a forum for exchanging knowledge between GIS practitioners at NMFS, NOAA, other Federal agencies, and the general public.

What's New:

Check out "How NMFS uses GIS" for examples of how GIS and spatial data play a fundamental role in all of NMFS' programs.

The Educational and Technical Support section provides useful scripts, tools, educational resources and will provide FAQs in the future.

This web site is a work product of the NMFS GIS Committee. Please visit the Committee pages for information on the Committee, its mission, and work plan.

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