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Tomales Bay Watershed, CA

Tomales Bay Watershed, CA

The Tomales Bay Watershed map represents a simplistic view of how GIS plays a necessary role in an ecosystem approach to management by displaying spatial connections between resource agencies and mandates with a common goal for habitat conservation. There are several resource management areas in this watershed: essential fish habitat (EFH), National Marine Sanctuary (NMS), National Park Service (NPS), Endangered Species Act (ESA) critical habitat, NOAA restoration activities, and ESA/EFH consultations. Each management entity has complementary goals for habitat protection and restoration within the watershed and its surrounding marine waters; however, considered separately, trust resources could be negatively impacted if each management entity does not take a watershed/ecosystem approach. Displaying the spatial relationships between management activities and environmental resource layers through a GIS helps reveal bigger picture, watershed-scale issues that may not be apparent during site visits.

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