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3-D Mako Shark Track

3-D Mako Shark Track

This image shows two Mako Shark tracks in the Southern California Bight in 3-D with extruded dive data.  The track colors indicate the stomach temperature of the shark (red = warmer, blue = cooler) and is indicative of when the animal fed.  The vertical exaggeration of the dive tracks and the bathymetry are the same and the depth contour lines are at 100 m. intervals.  The track in the foreground was from a 24 hour period where the animal was tagged with an acoustic pinger and fed a temperature probe in the evening.  The animal, which was tracked with a hydrophone, then proceeded offshore and back inshore overnight, ending up on the 'Nine Mile Bank' at daybreak.  The animal then proceeded to travel along the bank during the day, making a number of dives up to 150 m. in depth and feeding.  During the night, the animal did not feed, which is illustrated with the relatively warm stomach temperatures (red colors).  During the day, when the animal fed during the dive episodes, the stomach temperature dropped (blue colors) as cold seawater is ingested along with the prey.  The PI for the project is Dr. Suzanne Kohin with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center - Fisheries Resource Division and the GIS work was completed by Rich Cosgrove using ArcScene 9.1 at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

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