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In keeping with our commitment to public service, NOAA Fisheries is now offering users of our products the ease and convenience of web access for many of our permits and forms. This web page provides electronic versions of many NOAA Fisheries forms, listed for each geographic area by both OMB number and NOAA form name. You may search for keywords in the forms title, and OMB number, or scroll down by area.

Please note that the forms are in one of several different formats. Some are web-based applications in which the form information is entered directly into a database application. Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) forms may be filled in using the Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded for free ( Download Adobe Acrobat Reader) The previous link is an external site. and faxed and/or mailed to NOAA Fisheries at the address specified on the forms or the related instructions. WordPerfect (.wpd) and Microsoft Word files (.doc) can be filled in online and faxed, mailed and/or emailed to the specified address.

NOAA Fisheries has endeavored to post all forms that are practicable for filling in online. Some forms that are not suitable for filling in online, such as catch logbooks, which are multipart forms that must be carried onboard fishing vessels, are not posted.

Last updated: May 3, 2012

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