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Northeast Forms

* 0648-0202 Northeast Region Federal Permit Family of Forms
Vessel Landing History Request (.pdf)  
Northeast Region Federal Fisheries Initial Vessel Permit Application (.pdf)  
Initial Application for a Northeast Commercial Vessel Operator Permit (.pdf)  
Northeast Region Federal Fisheries Initial Dealer Permit Application (.pdf)  
Lobster Trap Tag Order Form (.pdf)
Lobster Trap Tag Ordering Instructions (.pdf)
Application for Vessel Replacement, Upgrade, and Confirmation of Permit History (.pdf)  
Letter of Authorization (LOA) (.pdf)
Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Instructions (.html)  
VMS Certification Form (.pdf)  
VMS Power Down Exemption Request (.pdf)  
Exempted Fishing Permits,Temporary Possession Permits, Exempted Educational Activity Authorizations and Letters of Acknowledgement (.pdf)  
Gillnet Tags Order Form (.pdf)  
Missing Gillnet Tag Replacement  Form (.pdf)  
Days-at-Sea (DAS) Credit Request Form (.pdf)  
* 0648-0229 Northeast Region Dealer Purchases Reports
Southern Species Version (.pdf)  
Northern Species Version (.pdf)  
Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System (SAFIS)  
* 0648-0240 Greater Atlantic Region Surf Clam and Ocean Quahog Individual Transfer Quota (ITQ) Administration
SC/OQ Cage Tag Transfer Form-2017 (.pdf)  
Application for SC/OQ ITQ Permit-2017 (.pdf)  
SC/OQ ITQ Ownership Form-2017 (.pdf)  
Application to Shuck SC/OQ at Sea (.pdf)  
* 0648-0491 Greater Atlantic Region , Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan Data Collection
Transfer LAGC IFQ Scallop Allocation - 2017(.pdf)  
* 0648-0546 Northeast Region Observer Providers Requirements
Northeast Fisheries Observer Program Incident Form Instructions(.pdf)  
Industry Scallop Call-in Guide (.pdf)  
Safety Deficiency NotificationForm (.pdf)  
* 0648-0590 Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota Program
Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Allocation Transfer Form (.pdf)  
Initial Tilefish IFQ Allocation Interest Declaration Form (.pdf)  
* 0648-0605 Northeast Multi-species Amendment 16

Multispecies Days_At_Sea (DAS) Leasing Form (.pdf)


Multispecies Days_At_Sea (DAS) Transfer Form (.pdf)


Downgrade Multispecies DAS Leasing Baseline (.pdf)


Multispecies Sectors Annual Catch Entitlement  (ACE) Transfer Form (.pdf)

* 0648-0673 American Lobster Limited Entry Program And An Individual Transferable Trap (ITT) Program

Lobster Transfer Trap Allocation Application for the 2018 Fishing Year (.pdf)

* 0648-0674 Atlantic Herring Amendment 5 Data Collection

Released Catch Affidavit  (.pdf)