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Southeast Forms

* 0648-0013 Southeast Region Dealer and Interview Family of Forms
Dealer Reporting for Highly Migratory Species Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
Red Snapper Quota Monitoring Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
Weekly Vessel Report for Runaround Gillnet Caught King Mackerel Form (.pdf)  
Dealer Report of King Mackerel Landings From Runaround Gillnet Fishing Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
Monthly Dealer Reporting for Quota Monitoring Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
Monthly Dealer Report of King and Spanish Mackerel Landings Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
Southeast Region Dealer Quota Monitoring Form (.pdf)  
 Weekly Dealer Report of Spanish Mackerel Landings Form (.pdf)  
* 0648-0016 Southeast Region Logbook Family of Forms
2003 Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Trip Summary Form(.pdf)  Instructions (.pdf)
2003 Logbook Trip Report w/ Expense Form-Green(.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
2003 Logbook Trip Report Form-Red (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
2003 Highly Migratory Species Logbook Set Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
2002- 2003 Supplemental Discard Report Form (.pdf) Instructions (.pdf)
* 0648-0205 Southeast Region Federal Fisheries Family of Forms
Federal Permit Application for Vessels in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) (.pdf)  
Income Qualification Affidavit (.pdf)  
Federal Permit Application for Dealers - Form and instructions (.pdf)  
Federal Permit Application for Southeast Region Issued Operator Card (.pdf)  
Application for Duplicate Federal Fishery Permits Operator Card or Decal (.pdf)  
Federal Permit Application to Harvest Aquacultured Live Rock in the EEZ Form and Instructions (.pdf)  
Aquacultured Live Rock Report (.pdf)  
Aquaculture Site Evaluation Report in the EEZ Form and Instructions (.pdf)  
Federal Permit Application for Vessels Fishing for Wreckfish Off the South Atlantic States Form and Instructions (.pdf)  
Federal Permit/Certificate Application to Fish in Columbian Treaty Waters(.pdf)  
Change of Address for Fishery Permit Holders (.pdf)  
International Trade Permit (.pdf)  
High Seas Fishing Compliance Act(.pdf)  
Request of Catch History from the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Logbook Program(.pdf)  
Reef Fish Consolidation Form (.pdf)  
* 0648-0544 Southeast Region Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Related Requirements
Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Installation and Activation Certification For the Reef Fish Fishery of the Gulf of Mexico (.pdf)