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White Water to Blue Water Partnership Initiative (WW2BW)

The "White Water to Blue Water" Partnership (WW2BW) is an international alliance of governments, international organizations, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and corporations. WW2BW aims to stimulate partnerships that will promote integrated watershed and marine ecosystem-based management. The initiative promotes regional cooperation and strengthens developing country capacity to address land-based sources of marine pollution (e.g. sewage and industrial discharges, agricultural run-off, etc.); promote sustainable fisheries, agricultural and forestry practices; meet challenges associated with tourism; and prevent the degradation of coastal areas. WW2BW efforts have begun in the Wider Caribbean Region. The outcomes in the Caribbean may serve as a blueprint for future efforts in Africa and the South Pacific.

Partnership Objectives
The objectives of White Water to Blue Water include:

  1. Strengthening national and regional institutional capacity to implement cross-sectoral watershed and marine ecosystem management.
  2. Facilitating closer cooperation and good governance within and among nations, regional agencies, and civil society in coastal and marine resource management, water management, health, environmental protection, agriculture, and urban planning.
  3. Engaging business partners in the major global growth sectors, such as tourism and shipping, to promote best business and environment practices, and to support regional activities in watershed and marine coastal management.

More Information
White Water to Blue Water Partnership Initiative web site The previous link is an external site.

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