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Atlantic Tunas Convention Authorization Act (ATCA) of 1995 Report on Highly Migratory Species (HMS)

ATCA 16 U.S.C. 971j et seq. requires an annual report to be submitted to the Congress that:

(1) details for the previous 10-year period the catches and exports to the Unites States of highly migratory species (including tunas, swordfish, marlin and sharks) from Nations fishing on Atlantic stocks of such species that are subject to management by the Commission;

(2) identifies those fishing Nations whose harvests are inconsistent with conservation and Management recommendations of the Commission;

(3) described reporting requirements established by the Secretary to ensure that imported fish products are in compliance with all international management measures, including minimum size requirements, established by the Commission and other international fishery organizations to which the United States is a party; and

(4) describes actions taken by the Secretary under section 971d of this title.


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