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Importing and Exporting Seafood Commodities

View slideshow U.S. imports of fisheries products have increased steadily for many years. Credit: Data analysis by Linda Chaves, NOAA Fisheries import1.png import2.png export1.png export2.png

Seafood trade is a multi-billion dollar business and continues to grow with increasing demand worldwide. Whether you’re importing or exporting a product, knowing who to contact, as well as the procedures for certain species can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transaction.

Several U.S. agencies regulate the trade of seafood commodities. This Web page serves as a clearing house of information and provides links to seafood trade programs that are administered under the authority of NOAA Fisheries, as well as some of the seafood trade programs of other agencies.

Interested in learning more about U.S. imports and exports of seafood? Click on the graph to view a slideshow (right).

Export Programs – Export Requirements

NOAA Fisheries

Other U.S. Agencies

Specific Commodities

The U.S. Foreign Agriculture Service is the implementing agency for when certain fishery products require specific documentation certifying their safety, purity and accordance with U.S. or foreign government regulations.

*For information on the U.S. Customs International Trade Data System (ITDS) and NOAA Fisheries Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.