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Antarctic Marine Living Resource Permits

Antarctic Krill.

The United States is a Member of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) Exit, the organization responsible for conserving marine life found south of the Antarctic convergence. CCAMLR applies an ecosystem approach to the conservation of marine living resources, incorporating standards designed to ensure the conservation of individual populations and species and the Antarctic marine ecosystem as a whole. The United States implements the conservation measures adopted by CCAMLR through the regulations set for at 50 CFR 300 Subpart G

Patagonia and Antarctic toothfish, also referred to as Chilean sea bass, are harvested in and beyond waters subject to CCAMLR. A Catch Documentation Scheme for toothfish was adopted by CCAMLR in 1999, reducing significantly the trade of toothfish caught in illegal, unregulated, or unreported (IUU) fishing. The CDS allows for monitoring international trade of toothfish, tracking the origins of imports, and determining if imports caught in the Convention Area are consistent with CCAMLR conservation measures, as well as providing catch data for stock assessments. Currently 30 contracting parties, as well as 1 non-contracting party, of CCAMLR have implemented the CDS.

NOAA Fisheries implements the CDS in the United States. Any person importing, exporting, or re-exporting Antarctic marine living resources into or from the United States must have an International Fisheries Trade Permit.  For toothfish, this applies to all imports of toothfish
whether it was harvested inside or outside CCAMLR waters. Dealers must apply for pre-approval of each toothfish import, export, or re-export so that NOAA Fisheries can review the associated catch documentation in advance.

To obtain an International Fisheries Trade Permit, visit the NMFS National Permit System website.

For existing IFTP holders, the toothfish import and re-export pre-approval application forms and import tickets should be submitted to:

NOAA Fisheries
National Seafood Inspection Laboratory
3207 Frederic Street Suite B
P O Drawer 1207
Pascagoula, MS  39568-1207
Phone: 228-762-7144

For more information on toothfish import/export requirements, please contact Kim Dawson, National Seafood Inspection Laboratory, email:

For any other inquiries regarding Antarctic marine living resources, please contact Mi Ae Kim, Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection, email: