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US and Mexico Meet to Discuss Key Fisheries Issues

February 6, 2012

Eric Schwaab, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Conservation and Management, and Ramón Corral Ávila, Director of CONAPESCA (Mexico's fisheries agency)

Representatives from NOAA, Coast Guard, and Department of State met with officials from CONAPESCA, Mexico's fisheries agency, for the 25th annual Fisheries Bilateral Meeting.  NOAA and CONAPESCA agreed to increased collaboration on a number of issues, including scientific research and data sharing for key species in the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico, aquaculture production and sport fishing. In addition, they committed to work with Latin American and Caribbean countries to build their capacity to combat illegal fishing.  This meeting offered an important opportunity to improve bilateral cooperation, including on the science that guides decision-making in order to ensure that harvested seafood is sustainably managed.