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Welcome to the Office of Management & Budget


Current budget information includes:


School of FishThe Office of Management and Budget is directed by the Chief Financial Officer/Chief
Administrative Officer, and provides advice, support, and guidance in the following areas:


The Office coordinates the development of advice to the Assistant Administrator and Executive Board on the selection and priority of NMFS-wide program goals, objectives, and measures of accomplishment; monitors the use of resources and provides advice to the Assistant Administrator (AA) and Executive Board on the most effective and efficient distribution among the Financial Management Centers. It coordinates all national planning and development efforts, ensuring that the appropriate internal and external stakeholders are involved. The Office administers programs to improve access to capital; compensates fishermen for conflicting ocean uses; and provides funding for external research and development. 

The Office provides leadership for NMFS national budget processes, including execution, development, formulation, and performance reporting. The Office coordinates administrative operations (e.g. correspondence, foreign travel operations, responses and reporting in conjunction with Inspector General and Government Accounting Office reviews/investigations). It coordinates NMFS-wide infrastructure issues and the NMFS grants program; coordinates policy development; provides staff support to the Executive Board; and provides guidance for agency organizational activities. The Office also includes a division which adjudicates Fisheries administrative appeals.