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FY17 Successful SK Grant Applicants

NOAA Recommends More than $10 Million in SK Projects

In June 2017, NOAA Fisheries announced more than $10 million in recommended grants through the 2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant competition. The solicitation closed on December 9, 2016 and can be found here. The recommended projects -- which represent every region of the country and U.S. territories, are listed below. 

*At this point in the selection process, application approval and obligation is not final. An application being recommended is not an authorization to begin performance of the project, and is not a guarantee of funding. Final approval is subject to funding availability as well as final review and approval by both NOAA Grants Management Division and DOC Financial Assistance Law Division. No application is “awarded” until it has been signed by the official Grants Officer. The Grants Officer will notify successful applicants in writing when their application has been approved.


Proposal Number Applicant Project Title Funding Priority Federal Amount Requested: Total
17AKR002 Alaska Department of Fish and Game Inseason Genetic Mixed Stock Analysis of Chignik Sockeye Salmon Escapement to Inform Commercial Salmon Fishery Management. Fishery Data Collection $90,745.00
17AKR005 University of Alaska Southeast Enhancing the sustainability of shellfish harvest in Alaska; developing an understanding of Alexandrium harmful algal bloom dynamics in a changing climate Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $299,738.00
17AKR012 FishNext Research LLC Improving Chinook Salmon Bycatch Estimates for the Gulf of Alaska Trawl Fleet: Alternatives addressing accuracy, cost, and timeliness Fishery Data Collection $183,382.00
17AKR015 Alaska Department of Fish and Game Southern Bering Sea Juvenile Chinook Salmon Survey 2018 ‐ 2020 Fishery Data Collection $299,652.00
17AKR018 Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Inc. Socially Responsible Practices in Small Boat Commercial Fishing Fleets Promotion, Development and Marketing $157,916.00
17AKR020 Prince William Sound Science and Technology Institute Sonar weir in the lower Copper River to enumerate early run salmon for in‐season management Fishery Data Collection $121,318.00
17AKR021 International Pacific Halibut Comission Improving discard mortality rate estimates in the Pacific halibut by integrating handling practices, physiological condition and post‐ release survival Techniques for Reducing Bycatch and other Adverse Impacts $286,121.00
17AKR023 Alaska Department of Fish and Game Development of Age Determination Methods for Alaska Crabs. Fishery Data Collection $78,224.00

Greater Atlantic

Proposal Number Applicant Project Title Funding Priority Federal Amount Requested: Total
17GAR004 Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education Demonstrating Aquaculture Technologies Designed to Increase the Supply, Quality, and Diversification of Domestic Seafood: Field Experiments with Cultured Arctic Surfclams, Mactromeris polynyma Marine Aquaculture $278,000.00
17GAR007 Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation Got Data? A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Data Needs in the American Lobster (Homarus americanus) and Jonah Crab (Cancer borealis) Fisheries Fishery Data Collection $298,669.00
17GAR008 University of Rhode Island Optimizing seaweed and shellfish integrated multi‐trophic aquaculture: developing a spatially explicit ecosystem model Marine Aquaculture $299,543.00
17GAR011 VA Institute of Marine Science Influence of Gonadal Stage and Ploidy on Human‐Pathogenic Vibrio Levels in the Oyster Crassostrea Virginica Marine Aquaculture $299,475.00
17GAR030 Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences A 'Halo'for Shellfish Aquaculture: Discovering the Phytoremediation Potential of Farmed Kelp Marine Aquaculture $298,932.00
17GAR034 Coonamessett Farm Foundation, Inc. Developing a method for assessing blueline (Caulolatilus microps) and golden (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) tilefish stocks using a baited underwater video system Fishery Data Collection $247,750.00
17GAR039 Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen's Association Lobster Migration and Growth: Continuation and Expansion of 2015 Tagging Effort on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine Fishery Data Collection $141,092.00
17GAR050 University of Maine System acting through the Univ. of Maine Assessing the potential for sustainability of fishing‐dependent communities in coastal Maine in the face of environmental and socioeconomic change Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $275,308.00
17GAR072 University of New Hampshire Advancing submerged mussel farming technologies to alleviate Eider duck predation Marine Aquaculture $298,110.00
17GAR073 University of Maine System acting through Univ of Maine Evaluating the life history and stock structure of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the northwest Atlantic Ocean Fishery Data Collection $299,623.00
17GAR094 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Assembling the Best Available Science to Inform the Interstate Transport of Shellfish Seed Marine Aquaculture $300,000.00
17GAR096 University of New Hampshire Assessing the Potential for Development and Promotion of a Consumer Market for Underutilized Fish Species in Restaurants and Foodservice. Promotion, Development and Marketing $120,801.00
17GAR098 Gulf of Maine Research Institute Addressing the Issue of "Choke" Species in a Changing Climate Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $288,888.00
17GAR099 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Developing Strategies to Reduce the Effects of Gray Meat Disease on the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Socio‐Economic Research $248,825.00

Pacific Islands

Proposal Number Applicant Project Title Funding Priority Federal Amount Requested: Total
17PIR004 Hawaii Pacific University, dba Oceanic Institute of HPU Transitioning Traditional Hawaiian Fishponds Into Sustainable Aquaculture Enterprises Marine Aquaculture $284,203.00
17PIR006 University of Guam Establishing a fisheries‐dependent monitoring network across Micronesia to maximize economic benefits, food security, and ecosystem health Fishery Data Collection $214,460.00
17PIR009 MARINE APPLIED RESEARCH CENTER, LLC. Identifying priority areas for management of reef‐associated fisheries and adaptation of dependent communities under climate change Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $299,558.00
17PIR015 University of Hawaii Sustainable Capture‐based Aquaculture, of Siganids, with associated Hatchery‐based Aquaculture Development, in Pohnpei, FSM, an Alternative Income and Food Security for Rural Fishing Communities Marine Aquaculture $245,580.00
17PIR016 Micronesian Environmental Services Expansion of the existing Saipan Bio‐sampling Data Collection Program (Northern Mariana Islands) into age & growth and sexual maturity research for commercially important reef fish species Territorial Science $290,018.00
17PIR019 Coral Reef Research Foundation Inc. Validating Underwater Stereo‐video for Determining Life‐history Parameters of Aggregation Spawning Coral Reef Fishes Fishery Data Collection $183,025.00


Proposal Number Applicant Project Title Funding Priority Federal Amount Requested: Total
17SER031 Louisiana State University and A&M College Shrimp Quality Enhancement Through Plate Freezing:  New Market Opportunities Promotion, Development and Marketing $189,820.00
17SER053 North Carolina State University Evaluating the Efficacy of Descender Devices in Promoting the Survival of Deepwater Groupers Using Telemetry Techniques for Reducing Bycatch and other Adverse Impacts $295,651.00
17SER054 Texas A&M University Galveston Ocean basin connectivity of Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis), linking natal origin and trans‐Pacific movements into population dynamics Fishery Data Collection $291,298.00
17SER062 Oregon State University Estimates of movement, stock structure and mortality to improve assessment and conservation of Red Hind in the US Virgin Islands Territorial Science $292,526.00

West Coast

Proposal Number Applicant Project Title Funding Priority Federal Amount Requested: Total
17WCR009 San Jose State University Research Foundation Improving information for stock assessments: Comparison of NMFS trawl surveys and visual surveys of adjacent untrawlable areas in the Rockfish Conservation Areas Fishery Data Collection $280,790.00
17WCR013 University of Washington Proposal 374 ‐ Mitigating the Effects of Global Change on Aquaculture in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $299,998.00
17WCR021 The Regents of the University of California (Davis) Adapting Red Abalone Aquaculture for a Changing Ocean Adapting to Climate Change and Other Long Term Ecosystem Change $299,745.00
17WCR026 Oregon State University Improving Stock Definitions and Understanding of Stock Boundaries for North Pacific Albacore (Thunnus alaunga) Fishery Data Collection $285,418.00
17WCR031 University of Washington Development of Genetic Risk Assessment Tools and Management Strategy Evaluation for Aquaculture of Native Shellfish Marine Aquaculture $299,703.00
17WCR033 University of Washington Proposal 031 ‐ Modeling transmission of a bacterial pathogen among farmed and wild abalones in the face of climate change and declining wild populations: Filling data gaps and forecasting outcomes. Marine Aquaculture $299,982.00
17WCR039 Pfleger institute of Environmental Research Exempted testing of deep‐set techniques to reduce bycatch in the west coast swordfish fishery Techniques for Reducing Bycatch and other Adverse Impacts $229,777.00
17WCR040 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Development of Combined Hydroacoustic and Visual Survey Fishery Data Collection $299,021.00
17WCR048 Pacific Shellfish Institute Effects of Off‐Bottom Aquaculture and Development of Best Management Practices Marine Aquaculture $287,257.00

Updated: June 2017