Asian Dried Seafood Market Analysis
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GRANT NUMBER:  NA76FD0041           NMFS NUMBER:  96-AKR-018

REPORT TITLE:  Asian Dried Seafood Market Analysis

AUTHOR:  Duff W. Mitchell

PUBLISH DATE:  November 9, 1999

AVAILABLE FROM:  National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region, 709 West 9th Street, Federal Building, 4th Floor, Juneau, Alaska 99801.  TELEPHONE:  (907) 586-7273

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Alaskan resources vary from low-value unwanted species that have little to no market acceptance to very high-priced wanted species where marketability is limited only by supply.  This study concentrated on the marketability of dried underutilized salmon and bycatch species to the Asian market.  How to transform a low-value raw material into a valuable consumer product that can be sold at a price that covers all processing and transportation costs and that yields a profit is a common issue being addressed around the world.  Countries with large populations and extensive coastlines maximize the use of their domestic maritime resources as a matter of national policy in order to feed their citizens.  Until now, Alaskan and other Pacific Coast-based processors have been able to fish top-end valuable fisheries resources and either throw overboard or avoid unwanted species.  However, this study found that drying lower-valued species is a viable solution to bycatch problems.  This study included the following recommendations:

1.    Identify established dried seafood products in a targeted country and then use a backwards-planning technique that starts with the consumer and the market price sold at retail and then works backwards to the catching of the resource.

2.    Select a target market or segment of a market and concentrate on penetrating that market.

3.    Support, promote, and encourage tariff reductions in countries that consume dried and value-enhance seafoods.

4.    Invite dried seafood technicians to assist in the development of American-made seafood products to better accommodate the tastes of a targeted foreign consumer population.

5.    Develop partnerships with foreign dried seafood producers and marketing companies to assist in creating a market for Alaskan-produced dried seafood products.

6.    Employ suitable technology and capital investment to lower costs and create a competitive advantage over foreign dried fish producers.

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