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GRANT NUMBER:  NA66FD0016          NMFS NUMBER:   95-NER-078

REPORT TITLE:  Commercial Utilization of Atlantic Mackerel: Technology, Production, and Marketing

AUTHOR::  Rhode Island Seafood Council

PUBLISH DATE:  August 1999

AVAILABLE FROM:  National Marine Fisheries Service, Northeast Region, One Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930.  PHONE: (813) 570-5324


The project consisted of two basic areas of work tied together by several objectives: (1) cyroprotection of light-flesh mackerel mince and prototype product development and (2) break-even analysis for the production of Atlantic herring and Atlantic mackerel frozen block products.  The project addressed quality parameters for frozen mince, commercial pilot testing of mechanical systems, and prototype production for market trials.  In addition, the project reviewed landings, trade, and management of mackerel and herring and provided break-even analysis, analysis of market potential for the products that were developed, and the results of product testing.  Although the team of professionals assembled for this project worked well together, progress was delayed by supply issues and an oil spill.  Product evaluation yielded very positive scores for taste, texture, and "mouth feel" across the spectrum of products.   However, ultimately the investigators determined that commercial production would not be feasible.  Project managers had hoped that a processor would be able to move among different projects and thus fully utilize the raw material, but this became impossible when machine processing and extraction of the light flesh on the frozen mackerel was attempted.  Utilization of the whole mackerel as a mince product proved to be too expensive and noncompetitive with other products in the market.

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