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GRANT NUMBER:  NA46FD0355           NMFS NUMBER:  93-AKR-020

REPORT TITLE:  Nori Cultivation: Physiological Ecology of Native Alaskan Porphyra Species

AUTHOR:  Michael S. Stekoll

PUBLISH DATE:  June 27, 1996

AVAILABLE FROM:  National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region, 709 West 9th Street, Juneau, AK 99801.  TELEPHONE:  (907) 586-7273


Research was carried out on several aspects of the physiological ecology of selected species of Porphyra from southeast Alaska.  Species of Porphyra were collected from various field sites in Juneau, Sitka, Angoon and Elfin Cove. A few of the sites were characterized with respect to water temperature, salinity, species present, and relative species abundance (percent cover).  Preliminary photosynthesis experiments were performed on selected species to determine the optimal experimental conditions for measurements. Factors investigated were the effects of mixing speed, fresh plant weight, incubation time, freezing of the thallus, thallus part, and light intensities. Some site specific photosynthesis measurements were also taken.  Growth experiments were carried out on the microscopic conchocelis phase of two species of Phorphyra.   Multi-factorial experiments were done assessing the interactive effects of light intensity, salinity and temperature on growth.  Preliminary culture work was initiated for five species of Phorphyra.  These cultures are being grown in oyster shells and eventually will be used for experimental outplanting and for growth and photosynthesis experiments. It is anticipated that the project will require two additional years of work before project objectives will be met.

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