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GRANT NUMBER:  NA67FD0053          NMFS NUMBER:  95-SWR-057

REPORT TITLE:  Trochus Reseeding in the Outer Islands of Yap State

AUTHOR:  Mike J. Hasurmai

PUBLISH DATE:  April 1998

AVAILABLE FROM:  National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Region, 501 West Ocean Boulevard, Suite 4200, Long Beach, California 90802-4213.   TELEPHONE:  (562) 980-4033 

OR  National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Area Office, 1601 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 1110, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814-4700.


The principle objective of this project was to reintroduce trochus, a high-valued shell is used in cosmetic, paint elements, and other luxury clothing items (e.g. buttons), to the outer islands of Yap State. In doing this, it is anticipated that a commercial harvest will ensure and this will provide additional income revenue generating opportunities for island residents. The project activities concentrated on seeding adult trochus (four inches in diameter from the widest base of the shell) to four island groups (Elato, Lamotrek, Ifalik and Faraulap).  A total of three different seeding trips were undertaken on regularly scheduled commercial merchant inter-island vessel. All the broad stock was collected from Woleai reef. Yap State Marine Resources Management Division (YMRMD) staff worked along with the outer island communities in collection and transplanting of the adult trochus. Typically, 1,500 adult trochus were transported in live wells placed on the vessels and trochus were dispersed upon arrival at a planning site. An additional fourth trip was made to assess all newly seeded sites. The results were found to be very positive. At present it appears as though the transplating occurred with a high survival rate. There were not any significant problems that impacted project goals and objectives. It is impossible to say what the future holds regarding the commercial harvesting in the recently seeded islands. Therefore, it is imperative to continue monitoring and management of all trochus sites. This can be done through transect line surveys. It may also be worthwhile to consider the possibility of YMRMD transplanting adult trochus to other outer islands in Yap State.

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