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Where We Work


Regional Media Contacts


 Julie Speegle
 Juneau, AK
 Phone: (907) 586-7032
 Alaska Region Web Site


West Coast Region

 Jim Milbury
 Long Beach, CA
 Phone: (562) 980-4006
West Coast Region Web Site

 Portland, Oregon
 Phone: (503) 231-6268

Pacific Islands

 Wende Goo
 Honolulu, HI
 Phone: (808) 725-5020
 Pacific Islands Region Web Site


Office of Law Enforcement

 John Thibodeau
 Silver Spring, MD
 Phone: (301) 427-8234
 NOAA Fisheries OLE Web Site

 Greater Atlantic

 Marjorie Mooney-Seus (mgmt/regulations)
 Gloucester, MA
 Phone: (978) 281-9175
 Greater Atlantic Region Web Site

 Teri Frady (science)
 Woods Hole, MA
 Phone: (508) 495-2239
 Northeast Science Center Web Site

 Shelley Dawicki (science)
 Northeast Science Center
 Woods Hole, MA
 Phone: (508) 495-2378


Chesapeake Bay Office

 Kim  Couranz
 Annapolis, Maryland
 Phone: (410) 267-5673
 Chesapeake Bay Office



 Kim Amendola
 St. Petersburg, Florida
 Phone: (727) 551-5707
 Southeast Region Web Site

 Allison Garrett
 St. Petersburg, Florida
 Phone: (727) 551-5750