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Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

 Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

Next 2017 MAFAC Meetings

August 9 ♦ Teleconference 2:00-5:00 pm (EDT)

November 28-30  ♦  Silver Spring, MD

Next Columbia Basin Partnership (CBP) Task Force Meeting  

September 26-27, 2017 ♦  TBD

NEWS:   Secretary of Commerce Appoints Five New Committee Members to NOAA’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

(July 14, 2017) Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has appointed five new advisors to NOAA’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, bringing the group’s membership to the full complement of 21. The Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, or MAFAC, advises the Secretary of Commerce and NOAA on all living marine resource matters that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce. These five individuals were chosen from a pool of highly qualified applicants who submitted nomination packages during an open, publicly announced process earlier this year. A nomination process is announced when vacancies occur.

NOAA Fisheries greatly appreciates the contributions of Phil Dyskow, Micah McCarty, Julie Morris, and Henry Sesepasara whose terms ended in April 2017, and Michele Longo Eder, whose term ended last year.  All were active participants and leaders on MAFAC.

The five new members are:

Sebastian Belle, Hallowell, Maine:  Mr. Belle is the Executive Director of the Maine Aquaculture Association and a national leader with vast expertise in marine aquaculture, processing, marketing, farm management, and regulations.  He has been instrumental in the expansion of marine aquaculture while addressing environmental and community concerns and bringing positive socio-economic benefits to rural coastal communities. Mr. Belle developed Codes of Practice and Cooperative Bay Management Agreements to coordinate producer activities, establish standards, and minimize risk of disease and environmental impacts.  Mr. Belle has extensive experience presenting aquaculture issues and topics to lay people, scientists, fishermen, and politicians.  Prior to his aquaculture work, he served as a state regulator and worked as a commercial fisherman.

Roger Berkowitz, Boston, Massachusetts:  Mr. Berkowitz is the President and CEO of Legal Sea Foods, LLC.  He has served in various management positions at the company for over 20 years. What began as a family-owned fish market in 1950, has been expanded by Mr. Berkowitz to 33 restaurants in 7 states.  He is a strong proponent of sustainably managed and sourced seafood from wild and farmed sources, and he manages their massive scale of seafood procurement, processing, and marketing from domestic and international suppliers and sources.  Mr. Berkowitz was an early pioneer in developing seafood traceability technology and Legal Sea Food tests fish and shellfish for purity in a state-of-the-art laboratory.  Mr. Berkowitz is widely respected both within and outside his business world and participates as an industry expert in many conferences and events.

M. “Rip” Cunningham, Jr., Dover, Massachusetts: Mr. Cunningham is the former Publisher, Owner, and Editor-in-Chief of Salt Water Sportsman, the largest sport fishing magazine in the world. He continues to work as their Conservation Editor.  Mr. Cunningham has been active in both state and federal fisheries management for 28 years and supports transparent, equitable, and sustainable marine resource management.  He served on the New England Fishery Management Council from 2004 -2013, including as chair and vice chair for seven years. Mr. Cunningham is active with national recreational fishing associations, has served and led many boards, and has received numerous conservation awards for his work including a lifetime achievement award from The Billfish Foundation and induction into The Fishing Hall of Fame.

Rasela Feliciano, Pago Pago, American Samoa: Ms. Feliciano is Vice President of Feli Fisheries, Inc. and an owner of U.S. tuna longline vessels fishing in the western Pacific Ocean.  She is a member of the Tautai-O-Samoa Longline & Fishing Association and has extensive experience managing U.S. flag fishing operations and the myriad business, social, and environmental issues integral to industrial scale fishing under U.S. flag.  At Feli Fisheries Inc., Ms. Feliciano manages overall fishing operations and company compliance with marine conservation and sustainability efforts.  Her work has also focused on actions that maintain a safe work environment and she developed vessel and crew safety policies and procedures that led to an 80% reduction in work related injuries. In addition to her fisheries experience, Ms. Feliciano is trained as a Registered Nurse, and worked at the LBJ Medical Center.

Robert Gill, Crystal River, Florida: Mr. Gill has been the co-owner of Shrimp Landing, a diversified, dockside wholesale and retail seafood business since 1986, and has been involved in southeastern regional fisheries management for many years.  From 2006 -2012, Mr. Gill served as a member and chair of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, and he continues to serve on the Council’s Science and Statistical Committee. He serves as co-Chair of the Steering Committee of Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) Southeast, a program created by fishermen for fishermen to better understand fishery management processes and the science that supports it.  Mr. Gill serves on other commercial fisheries organizations, and began his career as an Engineering Officer with the U.S. Navy and in the shipbuilding industry.

MAFAC provides advice and recommendations on NOAA and Department initiatives and programs.  In recent years, MAFAC has provide advice and input to the NOAA Aquaculture Strategic Plan for 2016-2020; NOAA Fisheries Cooperative Research and Cooperative Management White Paper; implementation of the Recreational Fisheries Policy; improving species recovery; Habitat Enterprise Strategic Plan for 2016-2020; NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy; and instituted a new task force, the Columbia Basin Partnership to provide appropriate expertise on long term salmon and steelhead recovery. 

For more information please contact: Executive Director, MAFAC.

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The Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) was established under a federal charter by the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) on February 17, 1971, to advise the Secretary of Commerce on all living marine resource matters that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce. MAFAC members draw on their expertise and other appropriate sources, such as the National Marine Fisheries Service, to assist in: setting national living marine resources policies; developing and implementing Departmental initiatives and programs; evaluating and recommending needed changes during reauthorization processes for the Magnuson-Stevens, the Endangered Species, and the Marine Mammal Protection Acts; and assessing other areas of primary interest to the Secretary and relevant to the mission and goals of the NOAA Fisheries Service.  The members represent a wide spectrum of fisheries, habitat, and protected resource interests,as well as environmental, academic, State, Tribal, consumer, and other related national interests.

MAFAC advice is derived from public deliberations of the Committee and is typically conveyed in meeting summaries, written findings and recommendations, and formal reports transmitted to NMFS, NOAA and the Department.  Issues for Committee deliberation are derived from matters that the Secretary, or his designee, brings to the Committee, and those topics affecting living marine resource stewardship that are of growing concern identified by the Committee. The Committee functions solely as an advisory body (complying fully with the Federal Advisory Committee Act) and is available to the Secretary on an ongoing basis as a source of expertise to be consulted in the development of fisheries policy, and generally meets twice a year.

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