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Office of Policy

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Heather Sagar
Senior Policy Advisory

Heidi Lovett
Policy Analyst 

Jessica Kondel
Senior Policy Advisor

Jim McCallum
Policy Analyst

Joshua Gange
Marine Habitat Resource Specialist

Whitney Anderson
Program Analyst


Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

 Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

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September 23 - 25, 2014

Silver Spring, MD 


Nominations sought for open positions on the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee. Nominations accepted through July 7, 2014.

(May 23, 2014)  The Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) advises the Secretary of Commerce on all living marine resource matters that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce.  The Committee draws on its members’ expertise and other sources to evaluate and make recommendations to the Secretary and NOAA on the development and implementation of Department regulations, policies, and programs critical to the mission and goals of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).  

MAFAC members represent a wide spectrum of fisheries, protected resources, and marine habitat interests; environmental, academic, tribal, consumer, and other related national interests.  Nominees should possess demonstrable expertise in a field related to the management of living marine resources and be able to fulfill the time commitments required for two annual meetings and between-meeting subcommittee work.  Individuals serve for a term of three years for no more than two consecutive terms, if re-appointed. 

The committee functions solely as an advisory body (complying fully with the Federal Advisory Committee Act) who reports to the Secretary.

Full nomination instructions and guidelines are detailed in the Federal Register notice

For more information please contact:  Executive Director, MAFAC

NOAA Announces 17 Appointments to the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee’s Recreational Fisheries Working Group

On May 14, NOAA Fisheries appointed 17 new members to 2-year terms on its Recreational Fisheries Working Group. Representing marine recreational fishing interests across the nation, including the U.S. territories, these appointees will help both the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) and NOAA Fisheries. Over the next year, the working group will help develop a National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy, a priority announced by Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, at the 2014 National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit.  In addition, the Working Group will provide advice and guidance on other recreational fisheries issues and activities identified by MAFAC and the agency.    

The appointees include (* signifies a re-appointment):

  • Rick Bellevance, RI
  • Dave Pecci, ME*
  • Rip Cunningham, MA
  • Gary Smith, MS
  • Marcos Hanke, PR
  • Lange Sykes, FL
  • Bob Zales, FL*
  • Sonny Schindler, MS
  • Skip Feller, VA
  • Michael Kennedy, FL*
  • Greg Stunz, TX
  • David Bacon, CA
  • Lee Blankenship, WA*
  • Marc Gorelnik, CA
  • Andy Mezirow, AK
  • Craig Severance, HI*
  • Ed Watamura, HI*

MAFAC was established in 1971 to advise the Secretary of Commerce on living marine resource matters.  Through this advice and at the request of the Secretary, the Committee helps ensure the Nation’s living marine resource policies meet the needs of commercial and recreational fishermen, and environmental, tribal, academic, consumer, and other national interests.  In 2010, MAFAC established a Recreational Fisheries Working Group to support its work on issues of importance to the recreational fisheries community. 

The Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) advises the Secretary of Commerce on all living marine resource matters that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce.  MAFAC members  draw on their expertise and other appropriate sources, such as the National Marine Fisheries Service, to evaluate and recommend priorities and needed changes in national programs which includes the ongoing reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens, Endangered Species, and Marine Mammal Protection Acts. The members represent a wide spectrum of fisheries interests, environmental, academic, State, Tribal, consumer, and other related national interests.

The committee functions solely as an advisory body (complying fully with the Federal Advisory Committee Act) which reports to the Secretary. 

For more information contact:
Executive Director, MAFAC



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