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NOAA Fisheries
Office of Constituent Services
Recreational Fisheries Working Group

MAFAC Meeting April 2000

April 20, 2000
Charleston, SC

Offered by Dick Gutting on Behalf of the
MAFAC Legislative Committee

MOVE, that MAFAC adopt the following recommendations to the Assistant Administrator concerning standards for IQs which should be developed by NMFS as part of its legislative proposals for reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

1. The current moratorium on IQ's should be lifted; provided that national policy regarding the development of such programs be included in the Act.

2. Maintain the current limitations (Sec. 303(d)(3)) on IQ's that stipulate they are not a property right, not compensable and may be revoked.

3. National lQ policy amendments to the Act should include the following:

  • lQ programs should be developed regionally by management councils and other appropriate jurisdictions.
  • Fees are not mandatory but should be encouraged in fisheries where feasible. Fee levels should attempt to recover the administrative and management cost of the IQ progrant, should be dedicated for the fishery from which they were collected and retained in the region.
  • Transferability among and within fisheries is allowed but the level and frequency should be determined by the councils for each fishery.
  • Lintits on consolidation to avoid undue concentration and ihtpacts on other fisheries. Such limits should be established by the councils to reflect the nature of the fishery and region.
  • Clear and measurable objectives. Each program shall be subject to mandatory periodic reviews to evaluate whether the objectives of the IQ program are being met.
  • Measures regulating fish processing, including processing quotas, may be considered as part of any IQ program.
  • No foreign ownership or control of IQs.
  • IQ programs shall include an appeals process for initial allocations and qualifications.

4. Issues that should be addressed by the regional fishery management councils include:

  • Identify candidate fisheries
  • Initial qualification and allocation processes
  • Clearly identifiable objectives of each IQ program
  • Rules for transferability
  • Mandatory review time frame for each IQ program
  • Ensure fair and balanced treatment between the harvesting and processing sector Measures regulating fish processing, including processing quotas, shall be considered as part of any IQ program.


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