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MAFAC Meeting May 2012

May 22 – 24, 2012

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101






Introductions and opening remarks

NMFS Director Report

  • Alan Risenhoover, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, NMFS 

MAFAC Executive Director Report

  • Dr. Mark Holliday, Director Office of Policy, NMFS


MAFAC Chair /Executive Subcommittee Report 

  • Keith Rizzardi, Chair, MAFAC

MAFAC Consultant Reports

NMFS NW Regional Administrator & NW Science Director Presentations

  • John Stein, Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NMFS
  • Will Stelle, Administrator, Northwest Region Office, NMFS

Legislative Update

Budget Update

Aquaculture update & Washington State Aquaculture Initiative

National Standard 1 Discussion

Certification of Sustainability

Working Waterfronts

Vision 2020 Briefing 

Protected Resources Briefing

NMFS-FWS Reorganization Briefing



Strategic Planning Subcommittee 

Legislative Updates

Ecosystems Subcommittee 

CMSP & NOP Updates

Recreational Fisheries Subcommittee 

Commerce Subcommittee 

FishWatch Fact Sheet

Background - Status of Stocks 2011

Working Waterfronts - Bill 

Protected Resources Subcommittee 

Jeopardy Panel Draft Prospectus

Jeopardy Panelist Abstract

Jeopardy Panelist Bios

Hawaii Longline Case Study Presentation

Case Study GOM RFFMP Consultation

Endangered Species Litigation and the Importance of Data 

Endangered Species and Litigation Realities 

Stokes Jeopardy Presentation

General MAFAC Administration & Wrap Up



Federal Register Notice

Final Report


May 22 (Part 1)

May 23 (Part 1, Part 2, Part3)

May 24 (Part 1, Part 2)