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MAFAC Meeting October 2012

October 23-25, 2012

Silver Spring Civic Building
One Veterans Plaza, Suite 300 
Silver Spring, Maryland


Introductions and opening remarks

Keith Rizzardi, JD, Chair 

Report from the NOAA Administrator

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere

MAFAC Executive Director: Update on status of prior MAFAC meeting outputs

Dr. Mark Holliday, Director, Office of Policy, NOAA Fisheries Service

MAFAC Chair / Executive Committee: Updates since May 2012 meeting

Keith Rizzardi, JD, Chair 


MAFAC Budget Exercise 


Gary Reisner, Chief Financial Officer, Office of Management & Budget, NOAA Fisheries Service

MAFAC Consultant Reports: Trends from Pacific & Gulf Commissions

Randy Fisher, Executive Director, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Seafood Certification Workshop:  Introduction, context, panel presentations on present and future issues 

John Connelly, President, National Fisheries Institute

David Long, Seafood Coordinator of Merchandising and Procurement, The Kroger Co.

Dawn Martin, President, SeaWeb

Tim Hansen, Director, NOAA Fisheries Office of Seafood Inspection


Vision 2020 v. 2.0

Communications Strategy

Kate Naughten, NOAA Fisheries Office of Communication

ESA & Jeopardy Webinar - Recording (mp3)

Section 7 and MSA overview

       Case Study I:  2012 Hawai'i Long Line Shallow Set Fishery

Patrick Opay, PIR Endangered Species Branch Chief
Paul Dalzell, Senior Scientist, Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council

       Case Study II:  Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery

David Bernhart, SER Assistant Regional Administrator for Protected Resources
Kevin Anson, Vice Chair, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

       Case Study III:  Lower Columbia River Tule Fall Chinook Salmon

Bob Turner, NWR Assistant Regional Administrator for Salmon Management
Don McIsaac, Executive Director of the Pacific Fishery Management Council

Subcommittee Meetings

Recreational Fishery Subcommittee


Federal Register Notice

Summary Report 


Transcript - 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3