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MAFAC Fall Meeting

September 23-25, 2014

Silver Spring Civic Building
One Veterans Plaza, Fenton Room
Silver Spring, Maryland

Advance Materials 

Welcome, Roll Call, and Introductions

Keith Rizzardi, MAFAC Chair 


NOAA Fisheries Priorities - Overview and Discussion

Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator of NOAA Fisheries                                                   

Paul Doremus, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations of NOAA Fisheries


Discussion - New Opportunities for MAFAC and Agenda Review

Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator of NOAA Fisheries

Keith Rizzardi, MAFAC Chair


Report from State Directors Meeting and Fisheries Commissions 

Bob Beal, Executive Director ASMFC

David Donaldson, Executive Director GSMFC                                                                               

Randy Fisher, Executive Director PSMFC


Climate Discussion

Roger Griffis, Climate Change Coordinator at NOAA Fisheries


Recovering Protected Species 

Donna Wieting, Director of Office of Protected Resources


Recreational Fishing Policy 

Russ Dunn, Senior Recreational Fisheries Advisor 


Proposed Rule for the GOM Aquaculture Plan

Michael Rubino, Director of Office of Aquaculture 


Cost Recovery/Cost Sharing Models

Doug Lipton, NOAA Fisheries Senior Scientist for Economics 


MSA Recommendation - "overfished" vs. "depleted" 

Julie Morris and Dave Wallace, Topic Co-Leads


2015 Calendar and Activities

Keith Rizzardi, MAFAC Chair 


Subcommittee Reports

Ecosystem - David Wallace, Subcommittee Chair 

Budget & Strategic Planning - Tony Chatwin, Subcommittee Chair

Commerce - George Nardi, Subcommittee Chair  

Recreational Fisheries - TBD

Protected Resources - Julie Morris, Subcommittee Chair 


Federal Register Notice

Summary Report


Transcript - 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3