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MAFAC Spring Meeting

April 28-30, 2015

Andaz San Diego

600 F Street

San Diego, CA 92101


Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - Day 1

Welcome, Roll Call, and Introductions of New Members & Executive Director

Keith Rizzardi, MAFAC Chair 


Chair's Report & Agenda Review

       Keith Rizzardi, Chair

       Jennifer Lukens, Director, Office of Policy


NOAA Fisheries Budget Outlook

      Paul Doremus, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations


Reports from the State Directors Meeting & Fisheries Commissions

     David Donaldson, Executive Director, GSMFC

     Randy Fisher, Executive Director, PSMFC


Cooperative Research & Cooperative Management

     Heather Sagar, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Policy 


Protected Resources - Recovery of Species

      Therese Conant, Recovery Coordinator, Office of Protected Species, Headquarters

       Nora Berwick, Senior Natural Resource Specialist, Office of Protected Resources, West Coast               Region



Federal Register Notice

Transmittal - Final Recommendations


    Tuesday, April 28

    Wednesday, April 29

    Thursday, April 30

Summary Report





Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - Day 2  

Report from the Assistant Administrator

     Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator for Fisheries


Recreational Fishing Topics

     Russ Dunn, Senior Advisor on Recreational Fisheries

     Craig Heberer, Recreational Fisheries Coordinator, West Coast


MRIP and Transitioning to a New Survey

     Richard Merrick, Director, Scientific Programs and Chief Science Advisor


National Standards - Proposed Revisions to NS1, 3 and 7

     Dr. Wesley Patrick, Acting Branch Chief, Fisheries Policy, Office of Sustainable Fisheries


Climate Change - California/West Coast focus

     Cisco Werner, Director, Southwest Fisheries Science Center


Thursday, April 30, 2015 - Day 3  

Offshore Aquaculture
     Don Kent, Director, Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute

Close Out: Review of Decision, Action Items, Next Steps

     Keith Rizzardi, Chair




Ecosystems Approach 

         NOAA Fisheries Draft Climate Science Strategy

         Climate and Marine Resources Task Force Draft Comments

Recreational Fisheries 

          Recreational Fisheries Working Group Terms of Reference

 Protected Resources 

          Recovery Action Spreadsheet

           Figures from Nora for Subcommittee

 Strategic Planning, Budget & Program Management