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MAFAC Meeting April 2016

April 25-27, 2016

Hotel Monaco Portland - Alder AB Room
506 SW Washington Street 
Portland, Oregon



Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Review

Julie Morris, Chair

Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator for Fisheries 

Jennifer Lukens, Director, Office of Policy, NOAA Fisheries Service and Designated Federal Officer


Report from the Assistant Administrator - Eileen Sobeck

Hot Topics & Perspectives from the Northwest Coast

Committee Members: Liz Hamilton, Micah McCarty, Mike Okoniewski, Jim Parsons

MAFAC Consultant Reports: Trends from the Pacific & Gulf Commissions

Randy Fisher, Executive Director, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

David Donaldson, Executive Director, Gulf States

Proposed new Columbia Basin Partnership Task Force

Barry Thom, Deputy Regional Administrator, West Coast Region

Annotated agenda

Draft Terms of Reference for new Task Force


Hatchery Genetic Management Plans

Rob Jones, Anadromous Production and Inland Fisheries Branch Chief, West Coast Region

Annotated Agenda


Draft National Bycatch Strategy and Other Bycatch Efforts 

Eileen Sobeck, Assistant Administrator for Fisheries

Annotated Agenda


Draft National Bycatch Strategy - for review

Background on the draft and news release on draft and related bycatch documents

Subcommittee /Working Group discussions


Protected Resources Subcommittee Breakfast Meeting - Heather Brandon, Chair

NOAA Fisheries Budget Outlook

Paul Doremus, PhD,  Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations

Presentation: Budget Outlook

Science Updates

John Stein, PhD, Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Annotated Agenda

Presentation: Climate Science Strategy, Regional Action Plans, and Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management (EBFM)

Coastal Resilience

Annotated Agenda

Background paper on Presentation #1- Discussion points of NOAA Fisheries’ Greater Atlantic and West Coast Region Study Group on Fishing Community Resilience - Fall 2015 


  1. Fishing Community Resilience: Greater Atlantic& West Coast Region fishing community resilience study group - Steve Freese, PhD, Supervisory Economist and Sarah Towne, Permit Specialist, Sustainable Fisheries Division, West Coast Region
  2. Forecasts: Harmful Algal Blooms and Importance of early warnings and forecasts for fishermen - John Stein, PhD, Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  3. Targeted Communications Strategies: Three diverse examples of outreach efforts to demonstrate the targeted nature of communications strategies - Katherine Cheney, Branch Chief, Communications and External Affairs, West Coast Region

Public comment period - between presentations #1 and #2 above (before lunch)

Resilience Ad Hoc Working Group Meetings

Task 3 – Aquaculture benefits - Bob Rheault, Task Lead

Task 4 – Social & economic community impacts - Julie Bonney, Task Lead

Task 5 – Improved communications - Erika Feller, Task Lead

Task 6 – Fisheries management approaches - Harlon Pearce, Task Lead


Commerce Subcommittee update and Aquaculture Task Force report - Julie Morris, Chair, and John Corbin, Co-Chair, Commerce Subcommittee

Completion Report for the Initial Two Tasks Assigned to the MAFAC Aquaculture Task Force

Presentation on Completion Report

Strategic Planning, Budget, and Program Management Subcommittee - Discussion of goals & activities for the Subcommittee - Erika Feller,Subcommittee Chair


Advances in Electronic Monitoring

Dave Colpo, Senior Program Manager, Pacific States Commission

Annotated Agenda


Final Subcommittee & Topic Reports

  • Protected Resources - Heather Brandon
  • Hatchery Genetic Management Plans  - Dick Brame 
  • Draft National Bycatch Reduction Strategy - Mike Okoniewski
  • Resilience Working Group  - Terri Beideman and Ted Ames

Close Out: Review of Decisions, Action Items, Next Steps - Julie Morris, Chair


Federal Register Notice

Summary Report 


Transcript - 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3