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Bio-Loan Program

Examples of some of the whale teeth in the Bio-Loan Program. Using seized and abandoned property, the Bio-Loan Program educates the public about marine resources.

Through enforcement activities, our officers and agents sometimes seize or acquire abandoned marine mammal parts and products such as seal pelts, whale teeth, and whale baleen. To help educate the public about marine biology, we loan these items to zoos, universities, aquariums, schools, and other organizations for scientific, educational, or public display purposes. Loans are typically for 2 years, with the option of extending the loan for additional years. We loan property based on availability and the number of requests we receive. We pay for shipping, with the exception of large whale parts and bones.

To Request An Item

Use official organizational letterhead from your department head or director when submitting a request and include two points of contact with phone numbers and email addresses.

Mail requests to:

NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement
Attn: Acting Director Matthew Brandt
1315 East-West Highway, Ste. 3301
Silver Spring, MD 20910

If you have questions, please call NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement at , at 301-427-8230.