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When NOAA Fisheries implemented the West Coast Trawl Rationalization program (commonly referred to as “catch shares”), enforcement coordinator Dayna Matthews was there to help. As a non-badged staff member, Matthews participated in 15 public meetings with industry representatives to help them understand the impacts of this new fishery management scheme. He also joined special agents from NOAA Law Enforcement’s Northwest and Southwest divisions to conduct 11 compliance assistance meetings for enforcement personnel as well as the U.S. Coast Guard and state enforcement partners all along the West Coast to ensure they understood the catch shares program.

Commercial and recreational fishing regulations can be quite complex. We’re here to help fishermen and other recreational enthusiasts understand and follow regulations that support the long-term sustainability of marine resources and the economic activity those resources support.

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Special Agent Richard Chesler explains the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan gear modification requirements to a blue crab fisherman at the Vilano boat ramp in Saint Augustine, Fla.



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